Monthly Archive: March 2011

Have You Flexed Your Creative Muscles Today?

In January, Intel launched a series of “Visual Life” mini-documentaries to help spur demand for its 2nd generation Core processor.

Now the brand is back with a new new film that features legendary designer Michael Wolff of Wolff Olins.

I like how Wolff describes his creative muscles–curiosity, appreciation and imagination–and how he routinely exercises them. Wolff also delivers a spot on take on brand identity:

A brand is really a way of remembering what something is like for future reference — something you value, something you feel attracted to. The job of a brand identity, how you package all of that — the purpose, the vision, what it does, what it brings — how you make that so that people can take it and receive it and value it and treasure it and choose it, that’s the whole process of branding. That’s what it is.

Source: Maria Popova at Brain Pickings