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According to CNET News, a whopping 83.5 percent of all U.S. Internet users watched a Web video in January, totaling over 171 million individuals.

As one might expect, Google easily led the way in total viewership last month, serving video to more than 144 million unique viewers through YouTube.

When it came to advertising, however, no other service bested Hulu. The site offered up over 1 billion ads during the month, and the average Hulu viewer watched 44.6 ads. Which is all fine and good, but the big opportunity in online video isn’t in ads, it’s in content.

No, not for the sake of content. For the sake of your bottom line.

As this well-made video from London production company, NextShoot, illustrates, when people visit your Web site they are 12 times more likely to buy from you when you use video to market your goods or services. That’s an amazing stat. One that I’m now internalizing, because clearly, Bonehook must market its services via video.

Consider it added to my Action Method list.

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