Have You Calculated Your Company’s “Brand Value” Lately? Coca-Cola Has.

Steve McKee, president of McKee Wallwork Cleveland, offers some valuable advice to brand managers and business owners in his latest piece for BusinessWeek.

Companies often mismanage their brands by neglect, and doing so harms their top lines, their bottom lines, and their prospects for long-term success. Like the subtle movement of the hands of a clock, brand neglect happens slowly, almost imperceptibly, which makes it even more sinister.

What makes it so nonsensical is that your brand is the ultimate asset—or should be. Your brand, unlike a building, inventory, or furniture, fixtures, and equipment, needs never depreciate. Quite the contrary—brands can increase in value indefinitely as long as they’re well-managed.

McKee neatly captures what our business is all about. It’s not about social media marketing or mobile marketing or even expensive Super Bowl spots, it’s about building long-term value in concert with meeting short term sales objectives.

“Build your brand, grow your business” is our tagline for a reason.

There are brand gurus in the world who do not care about short term sales objectives, but who has time for that type of ivory tower nonsense? The work has to drive purchase intent today and create long-term value for the brand at the same time, every time. No, it’s not easy to achieve. That’s why it’s the work of pros.

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