Rebranding: Get It Right The Second Time

Seth Newman, president of Action Envelope, a $12 million envelope retailer based in Lindenhurst, New York, paid $400,000 for a new domain name that would better serve his business. He now owns and operates, and is in the process of migrating from the old site to the new.

The Inc. story about is focused on search.

Newman believed the domain name would make his company the definitive destination for envelopes online. “The name has instant credibility and market leadership,” he says. The only problem was that wasn’t on Google’s radar.

Of course, when a business relies on traffic from search to drive sales, search marketing is a serious matter. But there’s something else about this story that I find compelling. Here’s a small business leader who is resoundingly pro-brand. In fact, Newman believes in “the brand” so much, he’s willing to fight through the hassles and lost income that come with building out an entirely new site at a new domain.

The article also mentions that Newman spent about $500,000 to develop (his old site) and make it search-engine friendly. If he does that again for, he’ll have nearly $1,000,000 invested. So, Newman not only believes in the long term value of the brand, he’s also committed to marketing. I don’t know Newman or his company, but I’d like to believe these factors contribute mightily to his bottom line.

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