Dropping Some Digital Science

My friend and former colleague, Sloane Kelley, recently posted the following slide deck to the BFG Blog and Slideshare.

The deck has some interesting case studies that will prove valuable for anyone working in mobile and/or digital marketing. Sloane and her team also unearthed some interesting data. Like: M-payments account for 12% of Kenya’s GDP; 5-10% of Internet users are “dependent” according to Harvard’s McLean Hospital; and 56 million Americans are playing social-based games but 35% of social gamers have never played a traditional video game.

I’d like to say I taught Sloane everything she knows, but that’s probably a reach. But seriously, it’s good to see her and BFG succeed (and I appreciate the valuable and free resource).


  1. Dave Allen says:

    Well, I thought this was going to be interesting, but nothing new here. And when I see the line “Email is less effective than social media” I wonder how much of the data here is suspect. This isn’t about 2011 it’s a look back at what occurred in 2010..

  2. David Burn says:

    Thanks Dave. We can’t all live in the future moment, I guess. Regardless, 9 out of 10 agencies (to say nothing of clients) are living in 2005–digitally speaking.

    There’s nothing new here for YOU, but you’re not normal.

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