Monthly Archive: December 2010

Client Showcase #7

Danville Services Corporation provides a full range of residential and day program support services for people with disabilities. Since 1986, the Salt Lake City-based company has been quietly going about its business, offering an extraordinary level of care to its clients.

Today, Danvile operates in four western states, and the company’s newly refreshed Website provides a lens into the rewarding work Danville does in each market.

“We developed the new site to speak directly to all the success stories that happen in this business, and in this industry, each and every day,” says Bill Woolston, CEO of Danville Services.

Woolston adds, “For many years, we’ve relied on word-of-mouth to get the word out about our services and that’s worked well for us. But today a lot of word of mouth happens online, so we’re taking steps to adjust to the changes in the culture.”

Several members of the Danville team were fundamental to the success of this project and I’m grateful for their hard work and dedication to this project.

Corporate 3 Design in Omaha and photographer Matt Loel T. Hepworth of Salt Lake City also “brought the house” and I thank them.

Shingle Hung

When you’re in business you need a sign, and now we have one thanks to the superb craftsmanship of Portland artist Brian Kappel of Space Monkey Designs, who started work on a commissioned piece for Bonehook last summer.

During the fabrication process I asked Kappel if he could make our compass-like logo spin. He rose to the challenge! You can move the “arrow” in either direction and the move will hold thanks to the strategic use of magnets.

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Bonehook’s Brand Identity Recognized By Rosey Awards

Thanks to our win at Portland Ad Fed’s Rosey Awards on Thursday, we can now refer to ourselves as an award-winning shop. If only we were the bragging type.

What I do want to do is give thanks to Aaron Draplin, the incredibly talented, generous and hard-working designer who created our identity from my brief and from the conversations we had during the project.

Here’s one look at it:

Our letterhead is another expression of our identity that works hard for us. We went with an embossed logo, a full coat of cyan on the back and no words anywhere on the page. It’s different by design. If you’d like to see it, ask me, and I’ll write you a letter.

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