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At the moment, I’m working with three different clients, all in different industries, who want to add a blog to their company Web site. Naturally, I’m all for it. Starting a blog is an open-ended commitment to producing quality content and that, along with social interaction, is what the Web runs on.

Author, futurist and PR man Brian Solis helps to explain why blogs are important today, even as Facebook and Twitter get a lion’s share of the mainstream media’s attention.

Blogging perseveres – as it should. It is a place where context, thoughtfulness and continuity are rewarded with inbound links, ReTweets, bookmarks, comments and Likes. Blogs are the digital library of our intellect, experience, and vision. Their longevity far outlasts the short-term memory of Twitter or any other micro network. In fact, with Twitter, we are simply competing for the moment. With blogs, we are investing in our digital legacy.

In other words, you establish expertise and credibility on a blog. That’s true for individuals and for companies that endeavor to follow the content marketing path.

Solis looks at Technorati’s annual State of the Blogosphere report to glean further insights into what drives bloggers forward.

Here are some interesting factoids from the report:

  • 57% of self-employed bloggers are looking to attract new clients
  • 40% of self-employed bloggers want to share their expertise and experience with others
  • 39% of corporate bloggers are seeking speaking opportunities
  • 45% of corporate bloggers want to publish a book
  • 32% of corporate bloggers have been asked to appear in broadcast media
  • 64% of all bloggers have much greater visibility in their industry because of their blog

As the author of a handful of blogs and a person who build sites for clients, I can relate to all of the above reasons to make writing or recording a blog part of one’s daily practice. I’ve made over 7275 entries on since starting the site in October 2004. That number will go up tomorrow and the next day and the next. Because it’s a great experience to develop an audience on a day-to-day, one-to-one basis. It’s also a challenge to put yourself out there. Rising to this challenge is a big part of the fun. Hopefully, it’s also a big part of the reader’s or listener’s reward.

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