Here’s An Idea: Hire A Promoter To Promote Your Wares

IdeaMensch is a Web site that features people with good ideas. It’s not an advertising site. The IdeaMensch team is more interested in inventors and entrepreneurs. In other words, the people that ad people sometimes find as clients.

So, how did I get chosen for an interview? You’ll have to ask Community Manager, Evan Davies, but it probably has to do with my ability to wear multiple media and marketing hats.

Here’s a slice of the interview to whet your appetite.

Name three trends that excite you?

I’m glad that there’s a new frugality in the nation today, because conservation and wise use of resources signals a return to common sense. I’m also excited to see corporate interests open up to the social Web. They’re doing it to make money, but that’s fine. The net result is still greater transparency and a focus on serving the customer’s needs. Third, I’m thrilled to see a DIY ethic take hold in the creative industries. Thanks to affordable cameras and other technology, a small group of independent professionals can do some major damage. In a good way.

What might you take away from this press, aside from what’s offered in the piece itself? You might conclude that I’m pretty good at self-promotion. That’s fair, but I’d prefer that you modify that thought to I’m pretty good at promotion, period.

P.T. Barnum said, “Without promotion something terrible happens…Nothing!” I agree, and so do most brand mangers and small business owners—that’s why they invest hard earned money to get the word out about their products or services.

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