Communicate Your Value Elegantly And Often

Twitter was a bit more meaningful than usual yesterday, as election results and commentary on those results filled the stream with real time updates about the direction the nation is turning.

Here’s one exchange between Justin Spohn of Fight and me:

In another Twitter exchange Jerry Ketel claimed the Dems failed to communicate. I replied, “Yes, it’s because Dems believe so firmly in their convictions, they forget to convince others.”

I mention all this again here because the problem is not exclusive to politics. Businesses too, forget to convince people of the value in their products and services. And forgetfulness isn’t the only problem. Business owners and their marketing staff–just like politicians and party officials–often fail to understand how others see them.

Not understanding how you are perceived by customers or prospects is a disaster waiting to happen, and believing that you are somehow above explaining the merits of your offering in memorable, easy-to-understand terms is worse. Don’t do it, unless you want to be discounted or worse, disliked.

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