Nebraska, Utah and Oregon: Pioneering Places That Are Good For Business

Forbes is out with its fifth annual ranking of states that are best for business and careers. The study considers factors like business costs, regulatory environment and labor supply and it offers some interesting results.

In particular, the data indicates that Bonehook is in the right place at the right time. Our biggest client is headquartered in Utah (#1), our design needs are being met by friends and colleagues in Nebraska (#9) and of course, we’re based here in Oregon (#6).

I also find it interesting how the Forbes study flies in the face of popular sentiment about Oregon’s business climate. Word on the street is there are too few good jobs in Oregon and the jobs that are available don’t pay very well. There are plenty of facts that back this assertion up, but it’s also obvious there are more than two sides to this important economic story.

Oregon State University economist Patrick Emerson believes Oregon’s labor supply ranked high not only for worker availability during high unemployment, but also for good-quality labor. He told The Oregonian that growth prospects scored high because of the high-tech sector and the growth of East Asia, which is a big Oregon export market.

“This is just another piece of evidence,” he said, “that Oregon is still quite a competitive place to do business.”

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