Marriott Knows Who They Are And How Best To Express Themselves To Guests

It’s not everyday that we see well crafted blog post from a corporate leader that reveals the true character of the brand, so when one does appear, it’s worth taking note of it.

Bill Marriott, Chairman & CEO of Marriott International produced such a post recently while vacationing at the family lake house in New Hampshire. It’s a personal story about his dad, John Willard Marriott, who founded the family business in 1927 when he and Mrs. Marriott opened a 9-stool A&W root beer stand in Washington, D.C.

Marriott describes his dad as a perfectionist, which, of course, is a great thing to be in the hospitality business.

He kept his Hot Shoppe restaurants spotless. Every Friday was inspection day, and in my teenage years, I often accompanied him as he visited the various Hot Shoppes.

We not only inspected the kitchen and the dining room, but also the parking lot, which he insisted be hosed down and scrubbed every morning. When we started opening hotels, he demanded that the bellman have a cleaning cloth and a bottle of window cleaner to keep the fingerprints off the front doors.

His pursuit of perfection was hard on my mother, my brother and me as everything at home had to be as neat and clean as it was in his Hot Shoppes. He built a great business and left behind an enduring quest to always be improving and trying to make the customer experience as close to perfection as possible. He left an inspiring legacy of that great pursuit. He really believed that success was never final.

A company gets its values from its founders and leaders. Some firms lose their roots as they grow, but the best companies never do.

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