MarCom Fundamentals More Important Than Ever, But It’s An All New Game

I came up in the business as a copywriter. I learned the craft and spent many years making things like print ads and radio spots. Then the web happened. Now I don’t make as many print ads or radio spots. I make web sites and create interactive experiences now. That’s the market today.

There are very few passive consumers today. People are armed with real-time information, from brands, the media and one another. The digital milieu is another planet from the static media of the past. Therefore, “ads” that work online do not look nor act like ads of old.

Today we are busy creating anchors–brand sites driven by content strategies that keep them growing and evolving on a day-to-day basis. Once these anchors are in place, social media marketing and search marketing are important next steps. And when it comes to social media marketing, there’s a wealth of ideas to discuss, but Facebook keeps edging to the top of the list of topics that matter.

According to Amy Porterfield of Social Media Examiner, there are four proven steps to Facebook success.

In another article on Social Media Examiner, Michael Stelzner argues that Facebook has grown to over 500 million active users for a reason. “They make it really easy for people to connect at a human level.”

Connecting at a human level brings us full circle. That’s what we always hoped to do with traditional advertising, and in the best cases, achieved it.

Today, the mission remains the same—connect with a brand’s best prospects and current customers and deliver them the information or entertainment they most desire. It’s the same mission, but the prospects and customers are now social, they’re mobile and they want whatever it is they want NOW, not in five minutes.

In order to meet the increased demands of empowered customers, everyone who “touches the brand” needs to be inspired to adopt a customer service mindfulness. Here is one reason why: when you create a Facebook page for your brand and many of the “fans” are employees, contractors, business partners, friends and family, you can see how word gets around. Literally.

Again, I marvel at the magnitude of the changes underway in marketing communications. A successful communications plan today often has major operational implications. Welcome to the social.

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