Monthly Archive: July 2010

The Word Is Out In Tucson Health Care Circles

Interior design by Cathy Solarana

It was good to see our client Danville Children’s Medical Center get some early notice from the Tucson press last weekend.

Arizona Daily Star reporter, Dale Quinn, got wind of the hospital’s imminent opening this fall and focused his piece on two important contributions Danville Children’s is making to the community. One being the addition of a step down, or long term care facility for kids—something families have to drive to Phoenix for at present. Two, Danville Children’s will be hiring dozens of medical professionals including registered nurses, licensed practical nurses and certified nursing assistants.

Quinn interviewed Chris Hatton, the medical center’s chief financial officer, for the story and Hatton really brings home one of Danville Children’s key points of difference.

“We’re going to provide an environment where the caregivers for these children can learn within our facility how to care for their children,” Hatton said.

Children with a chronic illness or a serious injury can need special treatment and medical equipment, and providing such care can present a challenge to parents without medical training, Hatton said.

“We’re hoping to provide that opportunity where the nursing staff can interface and train those caregivers how to operate the equipment and how to interact with the children,” Hatton said.

In other words, when a child is seriously ill, the whole family needs care.

LinkedIn Is The Fifth Pillar

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and a brand’s blog are at the heart of Social Media Marketing. LinkedIn is not, but the professional networking site with 70 million members is important. With upgrades to its Groups functionality, it’s even more so.

According to the company’s blog, LinkedIn is “all about nurturing the professional conversation, and we hope the changes to LinkedIn Groups will make it even easier for you to contribute and participate in a professional groups setting.”

I’m a member of the AIGA Portland LinkedIn Group, the Portland Ad Fed LinkedIn Group and several other MarCom and personal interest groups on LinkedIn. Last winter I used the Job Board on the AIGA Portland LinkedIn Group to find a designer for a project, and I was impressed with how many quality candidates emerged via my simple request. It was a “context is king” moment, for sure.

One thing about LinkedIn that’s clear is how wise use of the site can benefit an individual. What’s less evident is how the site might also help a company–outside of recruiting staff, which is a big part of the site’s utility. Can one prospect for business on LinkedIn? Can one build a brand on LinkedIn? These are the questions that have to be answered if LinkedIn is going to be part of a client’s Social Media Marketing mix.

For me, the answer is yes and yes, because individuals make up a company and the brand. One of the hallmarks of SMM–whatever the channel–is consistent and generous sharing of one’s expertise and interests. LinkedIn is an industry specific setting for this kind of sharing.

Client Showcase #3

Danville Support Services is a Salt Lake City-based company that provides professional in-home care for seniors and people who have disabilities.

After all the work I’ve done in my career for beer brands, cigarette brands and technology brands, Danville Support Services is a definite change of pace. And a welcome one. I love that there’s a remarkable and genuine brand story here, as these two local news clips plainly reveal:

These videos came to us as existing assets–Bonehook did not arrange for the PR.

We did make a place for them on Facebook and on the company’s “refreshed” website.