Monthly Archive: June 2010

Dear CMO, Let Your Twitter Handle Fly

Jennifer VanGrove of Mashable, writing on American Express OPEN Forum, says many small- and medium-sized businesses are missing the social media marketing opportunity.

She also provides an example of one brand that’s not missing a SMM thing:

The Express retail chain has their chief marketing officer’s Twitter handle printed on all their bags, which works to reinforce that the company cares about person-to-person connections. Take that idea and apply it to your own business. For that extra touch, make stickers, punch cards or window decals that showcase your small business’s online personality and reinforce that you’re interested in conversations with your customers.

In the example above, I like how it’s not just the brand’s identity on Twitter, but the CMO’s. One of the benefits social media marketing provides is humanization of the brand, and @ExpressLisaG makes it clear that there’s a real person standing behind the company’s tweets. It might be a small detail, but it’s an important one, in my estimation.

Health Services Use Social Media Marketing For Everyone’s Benefit

We’re ramping up on social media marketing best practices in the health care industry on behalf of a client interested in what SMM can do for their group of companies. During our research, one gentleman’s work has come to our attention. Lee Aase, Manager Syndication and Social Media for Mayo Clinic, appears in several videos on YouTube where he shares insights and information on what Mayo is doing with these new tools.

Aase is right on regarding the need for compelling content and his working example–a syndicated radio show–is definitely the kind of content play we love to see. According to Mayo’s official press release, Medical Edge Weekend, is a weekly one-hour radio program that offers listeners in-depth information and discussions of important medical topics with Mayo Clinic specialists, including the opportunity to interact via social media tools such as Twitter.

Fittingly, Lee Aase is the program’s executive producer. He says participants can ask questions via e-mail or through Twitter, using the #mayoradio hashtag. The show airs on 19 affiliates currently, or one can listen to the live audio stream on the Web every Saturday at 9 a.m. CST.

Mayo is a world class brand and it’s good to see them extend themselves in this way. Lots of brands have the opportunity to educate and communicate via social media, but health care is such a perfect fit for this brand-consumer interplay, since people are actively seeking important information for themselves and their loved ones, and in many cases they need someone to talk to.