Exhibit A: The Bonehook “B”

I’m working with Portland-based designer Aaron Draplin on the development of Bonehook’s brand identity, and while we’re not all the way there just yet, he provided me with some incredible initial ideas.

Exhibit A:

[UPDATE] Draplin’s on business in Germany right now; yet, he somehow found time to get me round two. I’m honored to have such a hard working, and insanely talented designer on this job.


  1. Chris Strong says:

    Maybe a hook on the top of the one on the far right?

  2. david burn says:

    Hey Chris, thanks for coming by and chiming in. I think we’re going to go with a look that does not incorporate the “B” above at all. However, I can see using the “B” in other instances where use of the company logo isn’t necessarily the answer.

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