The Bonehook Brand Story

Since the beginning of time, our survival has been dependent on the tribe’s ability to successfully hunt and gather. It’s a fundamental law of nature.

Eons of development as a species have brought wonderful advances in science and technology allowing us a broader understanding of the world around us, but reality itself has yet to alter. We still need to hunt and gather in order to survive. This is true in the literal sense, but also for business, non-profits, politicians, musicians and the rest.

If you have a product, service or idea to market, survival means sales. And to generate consistent sales there needs to be a great brand story. That’s what helps customers care about the brand over the long haul. Without a great story, you’re fishing with no bait.

Bonehook works to put clients in exactly the right spot, with the perfect gear and ideal bait for the conditions. Doing this successfully, time and again, is a matter of practice and dedication to craft. That’s how skill is honed and “a feel” developed, both of which are as necessary as air.

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