Monthly Archive: January 2010

10 Reasons Why, a.k.a. Our Core Values

1- We exist to solve marketing problems. Not to win awards, become famous or fabulously wealthy.

2- We’re totally committed to the work. Great work moves people, and it’s the means to our mutually desired end–in this case, your marketing problems all neatly solved.

3- We’re straight up. Marketing problems don’t solve themselves. They’re solved by people willing and able to deal honestly with the challenges at hand.

4 – We’re small for a reason. Clients often need the expertise found in some of the larger shops, but they just as often need to turn to a small shop, staffed by refugees from the larger shops, in order to have a direct line to that expertise.

5 – We’re media neutral. We care about doing the job that needs doing, not about trying to force fit a solution that isn’t needed. If you need TV, we’ll recommend it. If you need a bill stuffer that drives people to a promotional Web site, we’ll recommend it.

6- We focus on talent. Our teams are assembled specifically to tackle a certain project or ongoing series of projects, which means we always have the best possible team (not one picked randomly from the agency bullpen) working on any given job.

7- We don’t sell, we share our passions. We’ll share yours too, by helping you translate your passion for what you do best into customer-friendly marketing materials that build your brand.

8- We’re a good business partner. We show up on time, deliver our work on time, bill fairly and generally safeguard your reputation and our own.

9- We’re not afraid. In order to best serve your needs, we need to do the right things, and the right things are not always the most popular, or most comfortable things to do.

10- We love people. To truly connect with all the crazy and wonderful people on this planet, a.k.a. your customers, we need to be in tune with more than demographic info, we need to know what people are feeling, what matters to them and a little bit about their dreams.