We Are On A Mission To Create Better Brand Experiences

I was talking to a friend, a fellow entrepreneur, and I said I’m really focused on finding the “right clients” right now.

He said the right client is the one who writes you a check.

Believe me, I appreciate that rigorous point-of-view and recognize the kernel of truth in it. Without capital, your enterprise grinds to a halt and soon enough you’re out of business. That’s how it works in the real world. Yet, there is more to the story, and more to pursuing new business than the transaction itself.

Bonehook exists to help great companies build their brands and grow their businesses. Therefore, we seek client-agency relationships where both parties make an investment in one another. In the best of cases, agencies and clients grow together and become successful together.

Before starting Bonehook in 2009, I spent many years working for clients that made products or marketed services I don’t care about or believe in. That may not be the political thing to say, but it’s true, and I’m a big believer in letting truth, not politics, guide my decisions. Here’s the deal, I have no interest in allowing that kind of thing to pollute these waters.

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It’s important to stand for something–something more than making money. When you do, a certain percentage of people will no doubt recoil, but others will find common ground with you. And that’s the point. I’m willing to repel some in order to find the kind of business partners that I’m truly excited to go to bat for, day in and day out for many years to come.

And what type of business partners do I get excited about? I get excited about any company with products or services that help make a positive impact in the world. There are lots of great companies with wonderful stories to tell. For instance, our founding client, Danville Services Corporation, works to bring dignity and quality of life to people with disabilities. Danville makes a difference for its clients every day of the year; yet, they need to compete for business just like everyone else.

That’s why we’re here. To help tell the real stories that reveal the truth about a company. If you want the truth about your company to come shining through, give me a ring. I’m at 503-970-3862.